Arquitectura y Familia es lo que soy, son mis grandes pasiones y soy sin duda alguna una mujer afortunada al tenerlas, no hay un solo día que no viva de ellas y para ellas.

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EL Architects is an Architecture and Interior Design business founded in 2007, originally under the name EL Interiors.
We are a team of talented professionals with backgrounds in different fields, and with a shared commitment to excellence. We solve challenges creatively and analytically in order to design exceptional architectural projects, always taking into consideration the comfort, safety, and requirements of the people who live there.
At EL Architects we always strive to break limits: of innovation, technology in construction, and materials. In all of our projects, we’re careful to take into account the materials in the local environment and to uphold our commitment to the environment itself. We strive to create buildings and spaces that exceed the client’s expectations and inspire those who live in them.
Join us to create your dream home! If you want a unique house, designed especially for you, we’ll work out the highest quality design solutions. We also have great experience in commercial design and you can rest assured that you’re making a wise investment with us.
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Nuestros proyectos se desarrollan en su totalidad, los llamamos ¨llave en mano¨, del terreno natural a tu hogar listo para habitarse.



– Architectural plans
– Finishing plans
– Facilities plans
– Special requirements plans
– Structural plans
– Calculation memory


– Cadastral demarcation
– Topographic survey
– Soil mechanics


– Three-dimensional plants
– 3d modeling
– Render JPG
– 360 Render
– Virtual tours


– Architectural distribution
– Architectural design
– Landscaping
– Interior design
– Finishing tables
– Technical specifications



– Improvement of terrain
– Deep foundation
– Retaining walls
– Black work
– Finishes
– Carpentry
– Smithy
– Internal Doors
– Gardening
– Automation system
– Ecological building
– Decor


– Cadastral documents
– Land use
– Environmental impact
– Building permit
– Construction completion


– Work Budget
– Work programming and payments
– Contractor control
– Quality supervision
– Advance and photographic report


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